Monday, 25 May 2009

Home Sweet Home - Post 38

‘Everything is looking so green and fresh’ – Kacper was extremely excited to finally have reached Warsaw, after a long journey from N’Djamena. He was in a taxi from the Fryderyk Chopin Airport to the Central Train Station, where he was going to catch an intercity train to Krakow. He was already tired, and a bit sleepy. ‘I will have a nap in the train’ he decided and just a thought of it made him feel better.

Kacper was coming to Poland for around 10 days. He has just completed his humanitarian deployment in Chad, where he worked for people that needed to flee their homes from the areas of eastern Chad and western Sudan, due to local conflicts and wars. He was now preparing, at least mentally, for his next task that he was going to undertake in Pakistan. A massive movement of around one million people in northern part of the country, following the fighting between Taleban militia and the Government of Pakistan caused a humanitarian crisis. Kacper’s organisation along with many other ones are trying to provide to the displaced people with essential services like water, sanitation, health, or food until they are able to return to their towns and villages from where they had fled.

‘This is going to be tough work there’ considered Kacper already in his train. ‘Before the work starts, I will have 10 days of holidays though’ he carried on. ‘I will need to make sure that I will enjoy my time with family and friends to the fullest’ he thought reasonably.

Kacper was going to be quite busy, when he was in Poland this time. He needed to visit a few doctors to check on how his body coped with his last deployment and check his vaccinations. He planned to meet with some people from the University of Warsaw, with whom he is now writing a book on international aid, and the are planning to publish some time in spring 2010. Of course, he was planning to meet with some of his friends from Nowy Sacz, and from Slovakia. At last, Kacper would be busy arranging his trip to Pakistan. Visas, getting tickets, sorting hotels out, shopping – all will take time.

Kacper looked at beautiful old houses of Krakow. His train was approaching the main city’s station. ‘I am so much looking forward to holidays’ he smiled… ‘I definitely need some rest, before Pakistan’ he picked his suitcase, and waited until the train would stop at the station. Kacper was home!

PS. Kacper was pleased with his trip to Slovakia that he had today.


  1. I think that the first detail that called my attention was the name of the airport on which your fligt was oging to land: Chopin. Wow! One of my favourite musicians ever. Nice that you're back home, now, mate :-).

    Greetings from London.

  2. Witaj w domu!!! :-))) Dobrego odpoczynku. pa, pa

  3. Witamy w Polsce! Nawiasem mówiąc - wytrwały z Ciebie podróżnik... Pozdrawiam :)

  4. Thank you!

    Dziękuję serdecznie!