Monday, 11 May 2009

Canadian aunt - Post 31

‘But Kacper, this is very dangerous out there, and I will be so worried, if you travel on your own…’ his aunt tried to convince him once again, not to leave Montreal, and definitely talk him out of his idea of travelling to Vancouver by bus. ‘Auntie Marysia…’ Kacper addressed her sweetly. ‘I really will be fine… This is why I came to Canada in a first place – to explore!’ he tried to reassure her. ‘I promise, I will call you every day, auntie’ Kacper concluded. He suspected that his aunt was not concerned about his safety so much, but just wanted him around – she seemed to have enjoyed Kacper’s company for last two weeks a lot. ‘Okey, darling’ she went on, and made him promise that he would return to Montreal early enough, so he could spend some more time with her, before he flying back to Warsaw.

At the time, when Kacper visited Canada, auntie Marysia was already well over 60 years of age. Kacper liked her a lot – she had a heart of gold. He quickly realised that she was a bit of a show off, , but really she was a very loving woman, and she was ready to sacrifice for the others – something that Kacper admired and respected.

Auntie Marysia was one of these women that everyone had to notice. She looked a bit peculiar, or even funny, but the way she looked, somehow suited her so well. She was a big person. She must have been well over 110 kg. She was a woman, who always made sure to look fancy. She loved sewing, and would create for herself a new dress every week.

Her dresses, like Auntie Marysia herself were quite peculiar. They would usually be in some bright colours, and they would always have some kind of flower decorations attached to them – usually around the breast area. Auntie Marysia had huge breasts, and she made sure everyone noticed. Her dresses always had a deep cut, exposing her neck and upper parts of her chest – which were then decorated with literally kilograms of gold chains and necklaces. Her dresses were always very short, always finished above her knees. ‘This is to make sure that all these men have something to look at’ she would jovially and shamelessly tell her young, and slightly shocked guest from Poland.

Obviously she always wore lots of make-up and very expensive perfumes and high-heeled shoes. Her shoes amazed Kacper. ‘How this older, and not very able woman is managing walking on those…’ he wondered looking at her aunt supporting herself with a walking stick.

Kacper’s aunt was a heartbreaker. She married 6 times, and she outlived all of her husbands… ‘She actually managed to be widowed 6 times!’ thought Kacper to himself, trying to imagine that this must have raised some suspicions in her neighbourhood. Her last husband had passed away a year before Kacper’s arrival to Canada. ‘We didn’t have sex…’ she instructed Kacper. ‘He was too old for it… I liked him a lot though – he cooked these fantastic Ukrainian pierogis’ she explained to Kacper, who was overwhelmed with her honesty. ‘He was my second Ukrainian’ she smiled. ‘The first one: Jozek, drunk too much… and drunk himself to death… God save his poor soul’ she added, while shaking her head. ‘He loved me so much though, and he made sure that I wouldn’t suffer poverty, when he is gone… God save his poor soul…’ she pointed at a picture on a wall of a rather handsome man in his fifties. ‘This is my Jozek’ she smiled, and her eyes became slightly watery. ‘Am I going to marry again Kacper?’ she asked without waiting for an answer. ‘Do you think that men would still want me?’ she presisted. ‘Of course Auntie’ said Kacper reassuringly. ‘Look at you, you look so great, and you are such a good person Auntie Marysia… You will still have many husbands’ said Kacper, not believing his own words. ‘You think so? You are my kid!’ she embraced Kacper pleased with what she had just heard. ‘When we go to church next Sunday, I will show you, whom I like! He has just widowed…’ aunty Marysia’s face blushed with excitement.

She first came to Canada nearly 30 years ago. She came over alone, leaving her 4 children and her husband back in Poland. ‘We were so poor Kacper…’ she paused and started crying. ‘We often didn’t have anything to put on plates of my children… I had to come here, I had no choice Kacper’ she was obviously moved. ‘Then when I was already here, my Stasiek died there in Poland… how could he have done it to me?’ she asked. ‘I tell you Kacper, he was the only man, I really, really loved… the others were friends, but Stasiek was the only one, I loved’ she stated proudly.

She had very hard beginning in her new country. ‘I was still so beautiful Kacper’ and explained how she worked over 12 hours a day, how she used to sew curtains and dresses to some Jewish clients. ‘All what I wanted was save enough to bring my children here’ she explained. ‘And I did, and I educated them all Kacper – all four of them have good jobs today’ she remarked proudly. ‘They don’t appreciate it though’ her voice started breaking. ‘They just do not know, how much I needed to work to provide for them’ auntie Marysia poured some tea into Kacper’s mug. ‘Now, they even don’t visit me that often here… They are not interested to know how I am…’ she started crying.

‘I once worked in a factory’ she started her next story. ‘It was a Jewish factory, which produced socks and stockings…’ she carried on and told Kacper how she was abused there, by an old man, who liked her, but whom she didn’t want to be involved with. ‘I didn’t speak the language, and he told me that if I don’t sleep with him, he would report me to police’ she reached for a handkerchief and wiped her tears. ‘What could I do? I had no choice Kacper… Oh, I suffered so much, my child, so much…’ she added dramatically.

‘Auntie, but why don’t you just return to Poland now?’ asked Kacper. ‘You have got your pension, you will be able to live well on it there’ he tried to encourage her. ‘Darling, I would love it, but I also want to be next to my children… Besides, I am too old to move again… I am too old…’ she concluded.

‘Mum’ shouted Kacper. ‘We need to hurry, we will be late at the airport’ he urged her and started an engine of his car. They were going to Krakow to pick up Auntie Marysia, who finally in the summer of 2008 – being a 75 years old woman decided to move to her newly acquired house in the mountains on the border with Slovakia.

Auntie Marysia was pushed out on her wheelchair to the arrivals terminal. ‘Darlings, I had this really handsome young man who sat next to me in the plane…’ she greeted Kacper and his mum. They all laughed. ‘This woman will never change’ Kacper thought to himself. Auntie looked at them and suddenly her mood changed. ‘Darlings, I finally came home, I came here to die’ and she hugged them both thanking for picking her at the airport.

PS. Kacper has talked to his boss and discovered that he might be sent to Pakistan.


  1. Although I know that there's a disclaimer reading that your stories are the product of your imagination, I must admit that on more than one occasion you were referring to actual events in your life. Many thanks for your beautiful writing. I hope aunt Marysia is fine :-)

    Greetings from London.

  2. :) Aunty Marysia is doing fine, although not planning on getting married again.

    As for the stories... Let's put it this way, they all derive from real life experiences.

  3. Ahhh, that's what I thought. There's not such thing as fiction, mate, there's only distorted reality :-). Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from London.

  4. According to me aunt Marysia has not done the right thing getting married again and again. A person should not do more then two marriages.