Friday, 10 April 2009

Kacper is melting… it is hot in Goz Beida! – Post 2

‘Yes, Goz Beida is definitely hot’, - decided Kacper, and thought he would never complain about winters in Poland again. It is funny to think that just 2 weeks ago, he was really unhappy that he needed to put so many layers of clothing before leaving his house; the Tatra Mountains were unusually cold, for March, this year; today he would do nearly anything to have 5 degrees Celsius less, so it was more comfortable to sleep. Kacper often happens to end up in places, where climate is quite extreme, so he should really learn to stop complaining. Somehow, he still does. Perhaps, it is just a social thing? Everyone around complains how hot it is, so he just joins in, although Kacper genuinely does not like moaning.

Anyway, Kacper tried to remember for a while about what he was trying to write in his previous post. Oh yes, he was introducing himself. He was saying that he often felt lonely and that he definitely fell into the category of being ‘single’. Kacper was perfectly aware that many outsiders might find him rather spoilt for saying this. He has always been a social animal, and has been surrounded by a countless number of friends. Kacper’s friends, and he meant ‘friends’ not just ‘acquaintances’ come from all social backgrounds, are of all possible skin colours, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations, and literally are spread all over the world, across six continents. Perhaps, it was unfair to claim that he was ‘lonely’ after all?

The adventure and habit of interacting with so many various people begun even before he could start remember things. Kacper was born as a disabled child. At one point, his disability actually seriously put his very existence in question. He needed to spend around 12 years in hospitals across Poland to get better. Perhaps strangely, he thought fondly of the hospitals he used to stay in. Yes, there were definitely bad memories; there was pain; there was fear; there were tears, when Kacper’s mum and dad needed to leave, as the visiting hours were over. There were also countless of wonderful experiences too! There were wonderful friends, there were opportunities to help the others, who suffered more than Kacper did, there were fantastically friendly and wonderful nurses and doctors, who loved spoiling their little patients, there were excursions to the forest, songs, and always, always so many people around! Above all, there were Betty and Mark, an English couple, who once came to the hospital, where Kacper was a patient, and brought orthopaedic equipment, and funds for Kacper surgeries. Indirectly, they actually saved his life, and Kacper received his second opportunity to live. Kacper loved them for it, as he did many other people, who helped him. Kacper knew he could not waste and disappoint their efforts and already, as the little kid decided that his life would be special. Today, he cannot judge, whether he stood by his promise. However, Kacper knows that his life has been colourful, and full of people around him, always full of people!

As ‘Song of Joy’ started entering Kacper’s ears through the headphones, he became slightly melancholic. He thought of all the ‘countless people’ he mentioned about. This was pleasing his ego, how ‘worldly’ and ‘friendly’ he was, but somehow, this blissful feeling gets disturbed by other memories of people that he actually hurt and treated unfairly. Yes, he needed to admit, there were people that he should not have treated the way he did. Yes, there were circumstances and situations, which could even justify some of his actions, but then Kacper knew perfectly well when he crossed the thin lines of doing things he should had never done! He realised that many of his actions were so easily driven by greed, emptiness, and feeling of being superior, no matter how much he hated to admit it. Brrr… horrible, but real! Kacper definitely has got a monster inside him!

PS. Kacper has just read that President Obama went to Iraq unexpectedly.

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