Friday, 10 April 2009

“Double Virtual Life of Kacper”, comes to its being – Post 1

Kacper has been blogging regularly and fairly successfully for over 4 years. He noticed that many people were interested in what he had to say. He receives a great deal of emails, comments and questions from his readers in many parts of the world.

Kacper has always had a need of talking about his experiences, about what makes him happy, worried, or upset. He realised however that his blogging has not been as honest, as he would like it to be. Kacper has got reservations in describing everything he would like, mainly because; he would not like the people that he cares about were worried. Worried about what? Well, about what sometimes is going on in his mind; worried about his safety; about what he thinks, he would be worried about, had he been in their place. Who are then the people that Kacper ‘cares about’? There are many people Kacepr loves and cares about, but he is referring to his own parents really. Kacper’s mother has become Internet and computer literate, and now is one of his blog most passionate readers!

After some thinking, Kacepr has therefore decided that he would live a double virtual life and he was going to be writing two blogs in the same time! First, the one that you are reading now, which he was going to name: ‘The Double Virtual Life of Kacper’, and then, his regular, or the other blog, which will remain censored and ‘family-friendly’ J!

As you have already managed to read through 3 paragraphs, you might want to know who Kacper is? Of course, you will have a chance to learn of him through his future posts, through his present and past experiences that he plans to describe. You will also have a chance to get to know him through his considerations about his state of being, something that he is sure, he will be doing a lot. After all, as most bloggers, Kacper in his nature, is an exhibitionist, and has a need of sharing with the world of what’s on his heart.

Somewhat more specifically, in April 2009, Kacper is (or was, depending when you are reading this) 36. Kacper is a scorpion, born in November, so there is still some time left, before he becomes 37.

Kacper likes learning and communicating in different languages. English is not his native language, as you must have noticed by now. Kacper comes from what frequently is referred to as Eastern, or Central Europe. Polish is Kacper’s mother tongue, though, in his childhood, he was forced to be learning Russian too (for which he is very grateful today, something he could not imagine ever happening, when he was a kid). Kacper has got a soft spot for and an affair with the Slovak language too. He does not speak it really, but because he comes from a town, which is so close to the border of Slovakia, he tends to interact with the language, whenever he is home.

Kacper is single. This is what he always puts in all visa request forms that he somehow seems to be filling in constantly. In fact, he thinks that most people are single, or to a large extend ‘alone’, regardless of whether they have partners, wives, husbands, or not. It does not mean that Kacper would not prefer starting filling in ‘in relationship’ in his forms, but for many reasons, which you will surely have a chance to read about in his future posts, it is unlikely to happen, at least for now…

This is becoming a way too long post, so Kacper is considering stopping for today. He would just like to add that he is starting his ‘double virtual life’ in a very small, and forgotten by the world, village in Eastern Chad - just on the border with Sudan. How come he is in Goz Beida today (yes, the place is called Goz Beida), and what’s his business here, like many other things, will be explained some time in the future.

PS. Kacper is thinking of people that suffered in yesterday's earthquake in Italy.

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